Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Butterfly Poems Sayings What Is The Meaning Behind The Famous Holocaust Poem "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" By Pavel Friedman?

What is the meaning behind the famous Holocaust poem "I never saw another butterfly" by Pavel Friedman? - butterfly poems sayings

I make a powerpoint on the works of art stolen from Holocaust and has been using this poem as an example, but I am sure that the true meaning of this poem. Can someone help me understand what the concept of Friedman tries to tell his audience of this poem?

Thank you so much guys!


Goddess Eostre said...

The isolation of the true meaning is seriously depriving prisoners see the beauty of life, using the metaphor of the butterfly, because if he was not in custody, he could find joy in small things like a butterfly spreading its wings and carefree good to go, wherever you want.

Milieu said...

Let the beauty and hope has vanished. Think about what symbolizes a butterfly:

In its metamorphosis caterpillar usually colorless to beautiful winged creatures exquisite delicacy is, the butterfly becomes a metaphor of transformation and hope, across cultures, has become a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, the triumph of the spirit and soul from the prison of physical, material world. In the former, is a symbol of the soul and the subconscious attraction to light. It is the soul as the opposite of the worm. In Western culture is the butterfly, the lightness and inconstancy. Consider the spiritual progress of Owen Warland Artist Of The Beautiful Nathaniel Hawthorne, as it simultaneously attempts to develop a butterfly, mechanically new. In China, the secondary meaning of joy and happiness. Is very closely linked to love, even the wings, and when it is in the hands of love was burning not bend. Rampage, especially in Shakespeare. In Yeats, unlike Falcon, intuition versus logic

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